Campaign of the Month: February 2020

Terror at Thrushmoor

Sellen Starling Captain's Log - Arodus 22
Skywin Freeling

4716 AR, Arodus 22 Thick fog, chilly

It is a damn good thing that I brought aboard those Pathfinders. Today we encountered trouble as we passed Illmarsh. I’ve never liked that shithole, and for good reason. The dour Illmarshians—Illmarshites?—I think I will call them Illmarshites since it has “shit” right there in the name. Anyways, I had intended to avoid the cesspit entirely since no travelers are ever welcomed, but the fog that rolled in this morning forced me to hug the shoreline. Sure enough, as soon as we crept up on the wharfs, the damned IllmarSHITes began to string up thick, barbed chains—BARBED CHAINS!—between the jetties. They made it perfectly clear that we were NOT welcome and would find no safe harbor there.

Sure enough, as if by divine confirmation that this place is cursed, no sooner did the wharfs slip back into the fog did we spot a red-sailed longship looming behind us. Careful to keep its distance just at the edge of visibility in the fog, none could make out any signage on the sails or see who crewed the damnable vessel. Whoever they were, they made it clear they were NOT allies. No more than a minute after they were spotted, four infernal creatures clamored up the sides of the Sellen Starling. The eely six-legged beasts let out a chilling howl, causing many of my crew to cower in fear, completely immobile and unable to man their station. I yelled at the lot, “Get busy rowing, or get busy swimming! I don’t pay you lot to stand there shitting your pants!” This broke many of them out of their stupor and they scrambled back to their posts.

True to their word, the quartet I had picked up in Thrushmoor wasted no time in engaging with the foul creatures. I am thankful they were aboard, as I had to remain at the helm to pilot the Starling so it would not run aground. In moments, the slimy beasts were dispatched—the red-sailed longship, obviously the bastards who loosed their seadogs upon us, was nowhere to be seen. If I get a chance, I would enjoy setting fire to that ship and sip some fine Chellish brandy as I watch those crimson sails sink into the Sellen—sometimes I miss my days in Port Peril…

Sellen Starling Captain's Log - Arodus 19
Skywin Freeling

4716 AR, Arodus 19 Overcast, light drizzle, cool

The next time I decide to pick up a load of wood in Thrushmoor, I need to remember to charge a fee to cover loading costs. NEVER LET THEIR DOCKHANDS LOAD YOUR CARGO! The bumbling fool of a harbormaster and his lap dogs obviously have never helmed a ship in their life! The fools loaded the wood nine stacks deep on the port side and three deep on starboard; My poor Starling was listing so hard that I thought it would roll into the bay. I was moments away from letting my temper loose and educate the buffoon about how rapiers work when a motley group of Pathfinders saved him. He owes them his life, and yet he will never know it; what a shame.

A trio of humans and an elf, clad in an assortment of armor and weaponry, stepped in and diffused the situation with the quickest method of diplomacy: gold coins. My crew was happy to correct the mistake of Thrushmoor’s dockhand dullards once I handed them each a gold doubloon. These newcomers, friends of Cesadia, requested passage to Cassomir. Virgil Howell, the brooding one who smelled faintly of stale booze, handed me a note from Cesadia Wrentz, perhaps the only friendly soul in this small fishing village, touting the group’s combat prowess and honorable character. Now, my deckhands are a fabulous crew, but in a scrap they are more useless than a one-handed dwarf in a forge…so on the recommendation of Cesadia, and with an agreement that they will help defend The Starling should trouble arise during the trip, I’ve agreed to add them to my growing passenger list. After all, I had the extra room and rarely turn down interesting company!

Kiera- Into the Dream World

I don’t even know what to think of this place… One moment we were on a ship …a small one, but still… and another moment we were… in a different land. I had to steady myself briefly as I was already used to the sea beneath my feet. The air was hot and dusty. It felt… lonely. We entered the building in front of us, and it was as though it held its breath. There weren’t many doors, mostly curtains. Our footsteps were padded by the fine layer of sand covering the floor. We entered a couple rooms, and then of course the boys found themselves in trouble. I didn’t dare enter that room first. Something told me not to and for once I listened. It was a good thing. I probably would have been useless, like I was on the deck of our ship. Ugh. Stupid eel things. If I hadn’t been dazed I would have shown it how to really use claws. Then again… I might have been fine. Kiera flipped her hair. Sleep spells don’t affect me. We kicked that jerk’s ass, then moved on. Sigh. Kiera covered her eyes with a hand. We …I… should have seen it coming. The moment we saw those pools and how black they looked… We should have just moved on. Instead we encountered that… THING She shuddered. SO disgusting. Poor Lei Long, to be eaten by it. Aldrich was forced to wake him up. So he set up an ice wall and we moved on. Something tells me we won’t be seeing the last of it though…
It was nice to finally meet someone who didn’t want to kill us at first glance. Ha. Not that I trust the old man. Not at all. I don’t care how innocent he says he is, I don’t believe it. We woke up from the dream world, and it was a good thing. Three of us against whatever was next? I don’t know if we could have done it. I’m going to rest some now, though I don’t need to. I just hope I don’t accidentally go there…

Aldrich 2

We finished clearing out the mansion today. It was here that we found several items of worth. The first item was Lowls’s spell book. It has some useful spells in that I will take for myself. I do find it odd that there are no spells of 3rd level in the book even though there is a 4th level spell (I will look into this when i have time). Second is an item that will allow us to speak to the dead. The weiralai was using it before we interrupted it (go use the item on the corpse before we leave). The most interesting and valuable item we found was the Pnakotic Manuscripts. These manuscripts have a number of spells contained in them along with a wealth of knowledge dealing with outer planes associated with the creatures of elder myths and the denizens of those planes. I have a feeling that these manuscripts will become invaluable in the coming weeks.

Sellen Starling Captain's Log - Arodus 12
Skywin Freeling

4716 AR, Arodus 12 Overcast, cool

I made contact with the historians in Rozenport but only one joined us aboard The Starling. The two bookworms were on sabbatical, studying at the Sincomakti School of Sciences. Our newest passenger, Gossa Kelkin, is a short and portly scholar, (obviously she spends more hours reading her books than she does exploring the world outside) with intricately braided black hair. If my Halfling curls could ever be tamed, I would be inclined to adopt this human’s style. Someday perhaps.. The scholar who elected to stay behind and continue his research, Wreben Malliver is quite the opposite from Gossa—he is thin as a jib line with the personality to match. His long, stringy, blonde hair tell me he is unmarried—and likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

The next stop will be in Thrushmoor where I have scheduled to pick up a load of hardwoods. They will turn a fine profit once we offload them in Cassomir; Taldans are always paying good coin for Ustalavic hardwoods.

Sellen Starling Captain's Log - Arodus 2
Skywin Freeling

4716 AR, Arodus 2 Partly Cloudy, calm

While restocking in Caliphas, I received a missive from an academy in Cassomir requesting passage for two of their scholars. The academy was willing to pay more than my typical rate for those seeking passage down the Sellen. I have agreed to make a quick trip up the Danvers to meet them in Rozenport. If met with favorable weather once we enter Lake Encarthan, the days can be made up, but when has Avalon Bay ever blessed me with favorable weather?

The End of Iris Hill

After the weirdness we dealt with throughout the manor, I think as a group we figured finishing off the basement and making sure it was clear would be a quick trip. Boy were we wrong. Turns out the basement was were the real party was! We located what appeared to be an area where people were held and horrible things happened to them, something I was expecting based on everything else we had come across. Our first interaction with something living was an eye-opening experience. We encountered some sort of undead creature unique to the cult of Hastur, specifically made to hunt down non-believers. It’s appearance and speech had an unnerving effect one me. I’ve never come across an undead that could speak before. Lie kept it busy striking it while I cracked off a few shots and the magic users moved into range. It was a short fight but just before it died…died again? was destroyed It sent out a nasty curse of some sort that seemed to only get to me and Kiera. I felt drained after our first encounter with anything in this basement. Unfortunately, it seemed there were more important things down here than I initially thought, and needed to find out what else was down there.

As we moved on, we came to a small room with two more of those savages. We made entry into the room. Luckily, we got the drop on them and I was able to get two quick shots off dropping them both at nearly the same time. I would much rather be remembered more for my speed and accuracy while fighting these evil creatures than for any of my contract work in the past. But we can’t write our own stories. Stories and legends are written ABOUT someone by the hand of someone with an agenda or more likely by people with less than a full account of the situations. Anyway… after dealing with them we moved into what we thought was the last room. Upon entering it was clearly some sort of burial chamber with coffins arranged around the room. However, in the room was a strange person with a strange device connected to a corpse (we later found out it was the royal accuser). There was no talking to be had, we jumped right into it wanting to get things done and get out of that damned place. This thing revealed itself to be some kind of planar slaver who initially had us and sold us to the Count. I think it was she that was responsible for our memory lapses. She was quite the formidable opponent with weird anatomy. I was hitting her in all the right spots, but the hits didn’t always seem to connect the way they should have. On more than one occasion, my shots seemed to be no more than grazes when they should have been fatal. It took effort from everyone in the group to finish her.

Thinking we had found the mastermind keeping the choke hold on the city we allowed ourselves a small break to look around the room. Found some interesting baubles to sell later. As far as I’m concerned that whole place should burn, maybe that’d help fix the town. Anyway, as we were looking around, I noticed something odd about the statue on the far wall. Seemed like there was some ground stone at the base. Turns out it rotated away from the wall with a hidden staircase behind it. These were clever folks. Thinking it was a storage room we made our way down the stairs. By this point we hardly had any fight left in us. Looking back it was probably a bad idea to continue on but we had something driving us. Maybe it was a shared sense of loathing of this place, righteous duty to the town, curiosity. Who knows, but we continued on. As we got to the bottom it seemed to open and there was some weird glowing. Lie was pretty tired so I went ahead sticking close to the shadows. Upon entering and moving towards the larger room I stepped on some kind of trap but was able to avoid to explosion. But I might have just had a Court crier announce my entrance. A beautiful woman and some kind of demon hung in the air. As she addressed our group I felt way too exposed so I gathered my energy to disappear. Apparently she, both of them, had no problem seeing through my trick. Next thing I knew Lie came flying by me to attack the woman who identified herself as the mysterious M we had been reading about. The shadow demon commenced to attacking our main group. Kiera and Aldrich seemed to be handling the demon and weird light person that appeared, so I worked on hiding from the woman while I moved into a better position to fire at her. Lucky me, I was the only one moving on the ground into the room and found another trap… This one had some horrible effect of draining my energy horribly. The rest of the fight was a blur to me. I watched as Lie really tuned the woman up, and Kiera and Aldrich lit the place up with their magic. I remembered firing off shots in the direction of the woman, more out of reflex than with any focus behind them. Luckily I was not needed for this fight because I was useless. But the fight sure was something to watch, from my perch slumped up against a pillar.

At the conclusion of the battle I needed some time to collect my self so I sat slumped against my favorite pillar quenching my thirst. It did give me a good look at the odd floating image made of yellow mist at the top of this room. It appeared to be a strange city made of a bunch of other pieces of different cities. This is apparently where Hastur lives or something. It looks horrible. Worse than Thrushmoor, but maybe the weather is better who knows. Across the room was a large stone throne we found to be used in the worship of Hastur, and opposite that across the cave was a large glowing obelisk. Turns out they were sacrificing people to turn it on which allowed the cult to coordinate better throughout the city to connect Thrushmoor to that strange amalgamation of a city on another plane.
And that’s how we saved an entire city and it’s people. And they will probably never know because no one would believe it.

On the way out I felt like scratching a love note into Hastur’s alter… See you soon.

Leaving Thrushmoor

After reporting their success to Cesadia Wrentz, she is relieved that the troubles facing Thrushmoor are coming to an end. She apologizes to the party once again for any disrespect of doubt that she showed them early on. She encourages the group to seek after Lowls and put an end to whatever nefarious scheme he is working on. “I fear this is just the beginning,” she says with a grim, downcast glance. “If what has taken place here in the town is any indication of what is to come, I wish you all the blessings the gods can muster.”

She offers to help in any way she can. Her resources after the battle at the graveyard are pretty depleted, but she offers to help you further research anything you’ve discovered. “Occult lore is definitely NOT my specialty, but I do have a fairly large network of agents spread across the Inner Sea region that I can task with hunting down additional information if you need assistance.”

When you show her the map that Lowl’s had drawn up, she flashes a quick smile. “The blessings of the gods have already begun. I believe I can arrange for passage to Cassomir for you all!” Cesadia explains that most of the vessels that come through Thrushmoor are coal barges that travel up the Danvers river, simple fishing boats bringing in their daily haul from Lake Encarthan, and random merchants that are unpredictable on when the arrive or where they are going. Finding a ship large enough to make the long journey to Cassomir in decent time is hard to find, but Cesadia knows that a ship will be coming through in 2 days that is scheduled to make the journey to Cassomir.

“A…friend of mine, Skywin Freeling, will be coming through Thrushmoor in two days. She captains the Sellen Starling, a keelboat that make the circuit between Lake Encarthan and the Inner Sea twice a year, navigating the Sellen River. Skywin can be a bit feisty, but I am sure that will not be a problem for you lot.” Cesadia offers to provide lodging for you all until the Sellen Starling comes to port.

Here is a brief list of things you all have learned since investigating Iris Hill:

  • Count Lowl’s has left Thrushmoor and is on his way to Cassomir to meet up with his “old friend” Miacknian Mun" to research and translate the Necronomicon.
  • After completing his research on the tome, he was planning to travel further south to find the lost city of Neruzavin that was rumored to be near Katheer. It is unknown what his purpose at the lost city is yet.
  • The party discovered that the later stages of Lowl’s research took place through dreaming. Lowl’s discovered a ritual that allowed him to enter the Dreamlands and to take you all with him.
  • Lowls was searching for someone called the “Mad Poet” in the Dreamlands and his encounter with this figure is a central reason for why you all cannot remember your past.
    • The ritual requires the use of the strange miniature ivory staircase that was discovered inside one of Lowl’s books. How to perform the ritual has not yet been discovered.
  • The collection of occult books are packed full of strange, esoteric knowledge about a variety of subjects. They can be viewed as a form of miniature library and the secrets contained within them will need to be unlocked by means of extensive Research.
Melisenn , the Steward of Iris Hill
Concluding the Cleansing of Thrushmoor

As the Guardians of the Grave descended into the subterranean complex beneath the manor atop Iris Hill, things went from bad to worse. Their initial encounter was with a strange, grotesque undead with flabby, saggy skin. Its raspy voice continually inquired “Have you seen the Yellow Sign?”
It lashed out at the group, bellowing that they were blasphemers for not submitting to the King in Yellow after seeing his Yellow Sign. When the wretch sensed he was near the end of his unlife, he released a blast of necrotic energy before collapsing to the floor. Kiera and Virgil felt their life force drain away from them as they received two negative levels each. At the back of their mind, they could still hear his eerie voice asking them over and over,

Have you SEEN the Yellow Sign?

Have YOU seen…the Yellow Sign?

Have you seen…have you seen it? The Yellow Sign?

The Guardians fought their way through a horde of dire rats, led by a rat king, that were living in the fetid well beneath the manor, then quickly killed the last two Kuru cannibals that were rummaging through the ice cellar. They then came upon a set of heavy double doors, beyond which they could hear a quiet voice asking probing questions to which no response was heard.

Bursting though the door, the party found themselves in the Lowl’s family crypt. Laid atop a closed stone sarcophagus was the body of the missing Royal Accuser Omari. Looming over him was a lithe creature, wrapped from head to toe in tight linens in the Qadiran style: turned-up toes on her boots, a hood, and face covering. Something about the woman did not seem to be human, as she had talon-like nails, and something about her shape under the clothing just…seemed wrong.
Interrupted from her inquisition of the dead Accuser, the creature, Weiralai, turned her attention to the party and snarled. Lei Long launched himself at her and landed a solid blow, but it seemed to barely phase her. With the wave of her hand, a wall of stone sprung up between the rest of the party and the melee, locking the two in a stone prison. The Leng slaver dropped her face covering and smiled with a sickening grin. A mouth full of too many razor sharp teeth bit down hard on Lei Long’s arm and he felt it go numb as her saliva entered his flesh.

Cut off the their ally, the remaining trio scrambled for a plan to breach the wall. Kiera launched a spell at it to see if it could be blasted through. Her magic missiles streaked out and passed through the stone wall. In an instant she knew that it was just an illusion and conveyed this to the other two. As their minds accepted the truth and shook off the restraints of the illusion, the wall melted away and revealed the tangled melee on the other side. Lei Long continued to punch and kick the woman as her long claws and teeth returned blows of their own. When she raised her hands up to strike down on his friend, Virgil took careful aim at the soft flesh of her underarm.

Take this, you ugly bitch, he thought as he fired off his pistol. Weiralai flinched, but was not debilitated like the attack should have done. Virgil realized that this woman, though humanoid in shape, was not built like others he had hunted and studied. Her anatomy was foreign to him. He continued to pop off shots at her, guessing at where her sensitive spots could be. Some found purchase, others did not.

With a combination of gunfire, fists, and spells, the Leng slaver was finally brought down. With her patented toothy smile, Weiralai left them with a chilling thought, “You WILL be my slaves again…see you soon” before her body cracked and crumbled, disintegrating into a fine black sand.

After dispatching Weiralai, a quick search of the crypt uncovered a large assortment of valuable jewelry, decorative scepters, and a magical longsword that glowed with a purple light. Against the south wall, a seven-foot-high bas-relief sculpture of Pharasma was discovered to be hiding a secret spiral staircase that led further down to another level underground. Royal Accuser Omari had a strange device strapped to an arm: confabulation plates.

Approximately 10 inches on each side, two square, brass-colored metal plates with rubber edges were clamped to Omari’s forearm. Large screws at each corner tighten the plates like a clamp and in the center of the top plate was a fleshy tube that ends in a suction cup ringed with tiny teeth. Next to the base of the tube was a small winding key that powered the device and a toggle switch on the side allowed for the selection of the device’s function. An inspection by Kiera and Aldrich revealed that plates can be used to communicate with a dead entity or with plants. Virgil appraised the plates and determined that they were quite valuable, so they were safely stowed away until the party could find a proper buyer.

Descending the hidden staircase, the amnesiacs emerged into a hallway that led to two massive rooms. On their left was a large chamber that resembled the courtyard of an ancient, subterranean palace, with columns supporting a 30-foot-high cloister dome. In the middle of the floor, a tile mosaic of the Yellow Sign emitted a thin, yellow vapor that filled the room with a faint odor of chrysanthemums. The vapor rose to the concave dome of the vault, through which an image of the minarets, towers, and spires of a mysterious city silhouetted against a yellow sky could be seen. The image swayed softly
with a slow alternation of light and darkness, to the sound of invisible pipes and strings. At the far end of the chamber, a marble throne sat within a semicircular apse. A floor-to-ceiling band of gilded mosaics decorates the walls, depicting a fantastic urban landscape populated by figures in flowing robes and full-face masks.

On their right, a circular, vaulted chamber, housed a platform of natural bedrock upon which stood a black stone monolith similar to the two in Thrushmoor. The star stelae glowed from within with a pale, yellow light. Dark, dried pools of blood stained the floor surrounding the monument, an indication that multiple sacrifices had taken place. The mystery of where the missing town folk had gone came to a violent and grisly conclusion.

Virgil held up a hand to halt the group at the base of the stairs and silently motioned that he was going to scout out the courtyard. Sneaking toward the massive chamber, he heard the sound of a feminine voice speaking in low, hushed tones, but could not make out any words. He took another step forward to try to eavesdrop and caught sight of two flying creatures, 15 feet off the ground in the center of the room. The sound of Melisenn’s voice was quickly replaced with a loud explosion that erupted from his feet. Virgil had stepped on an invisible sigil laid as a trap to destroy anyone who tried to interrupt Melisenn’s ritual. Virgil flattened himself against the wall and covered his ears in a split second, saving himself from being deafened by the explosive cacophony.

Melisenn whipped her head to the chamber entrance and scowled. The group of meddlesome amnesiacs that had been receiving reports about had finally made their way to her sanctuary, and she was prepared for them. Having been studying the group in the days since they had first attacked her undead guards at Fort Hailcourse, she had been learning their tactics, noting which spells they preferred. After they had killed the two nobles in the guest house, she knew it was only a matter of time until they had found their way down to the Unspeakable One’s throne room. She started the day with a plethora of defensive spells and waited until they approached. When the statue of Pharasma was opened above, her sentry, a sabrewing that had emerged from the mists of Carcosa, quickly and silently returned to her so she could make her final preparations.

A student of rune magic, Melisenn littered the room with half a dozen hidden runic traps that contained her most powerful debilitating spells; spells to blind or deafen, curse, and paralyze any of her enemies who tried to step foot inside the courtyard. Hearing the explosion at the entrance, she knew it was time. Yelling down at the tiefling who had tried to use a simple parlor trick to hid from her, Melisenn raged,

If you think your condition means you’re important, you’re wrong. You are nothing! You are an ember floating from some putrid bonfire that will also wink out in the cold death of the universe. We are all worthless before the Unspeakable One! Even if he has marked you, I am the one who will open this world to him—not Lowls, and not you. You will not take my place—you will die! The King in Yellow is coming!

The sabrewing, master hunters that are unable to be thwarted by invisibility, dove with lightning speed at Virgil and raked him with his razor sharp wings. Melisenn called upon Hastur to grant her another ally to destroy these foes and her god answered her call. A creature of pure force materialized behind Virgil at the entrance of the stairs, right where the rest of the party had been waiting. In seconds, the party was being assaulted by Melisenn and her two allies. Virgil stepped further into the courtyard to get a better angle on the cleric of Hastur…and stepped on another deadly rune. He felt a cold, necromantic energy flow through his body that sapped him of his energy; he had been cursed.

Kiera stepped past the glowing yellow spiritual ally and into the hallway, knowing that it could not be harmed by any of her magic. She could see that the two other foes were both in the air and knew that this would be an aerial combat. She turned to Lei Long and bathed him with arcane energy that would allow him to take to the air as well.

Lei Long soared above the group and barreled into Melisenn with his knees. He heard a crack as his hit found purchase between two of her ribs. Melisenn grunted, but showed not other sign of pain. She floated away from Lei Long to put distance between herself and then threw a spell at him. Lei Long’s vision began to dim and the world almost went black. For a brief moment his heart began to race and the beginnings of panic set in, but then he a distant memory from a lesson at the monastery return to him. He could hear his sensai’s voice, Sight does not create reality, what is real is real whether you see it or not. Your eyes are but one means of experiencing it. Sight is but one way to the truth. Lei Long accepted that having access to his sight would not be necessary to vanquish his foe and he relaxed his muscles and let the spell wash over him. With his mind prepared for the spell, he withstood its effect and the spell washed over him harmlessly; his eyes returned to normal.

Lei Long smiled and said under his breath, “Sight is but one way to the truth…” and then rushed Melisenn, unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks at her torso. No longer facing an enemy with foreign anatomy, each one found a sensitive spot and Lei Long heard the familiar sound of bones cracking. Melisenn coughed up a mouthful of blood as her body soaked in the blows. Her own vision began to blur and darken, but not from the effects of any spell.

Kiera and Aldrich, standing back in the hallway to avoid any additional traps laid about the cavernous courtyard, levels a duo of elemental might at the shadowy sabrewing. A lightning bolt arced through its body, causing it to stiffen up just as the fireball exploded in its face. Unable to shield itself from the arcane magic, the creature screeched as it plummeted to the floor. Melisenn, who had linked her life to it as a means of bolstering both their defenses, screamed in agony as her body was wracked with energy as well. As her body crashed to the floor alongside her sabrewing, the glowing spiritual ally that was about to unleash another attack, dimmed and vanished in a blink.

The Guardians of the Grave, now also the Defenders of Thrushmoor, breathed in a collective sigh as the battle concluded. Wounded and dripping with sweat, sapped of both their physical and mental energy, the group took a minute to bask in their victory. They had taken down an evil priestess of Hastur and thwarted her attempts at constructing a bridge to their world. Had they failed, they knew that it would not have been long before the King in Yellow, the Unspeakable One, could have emerged from his world and rained destruction down upon theirs.

Kiera- the reveal of M
from the Hastor priest (aka losing two levels!) to meeting M face to face

Kiera hated herself for being afraid of this creep. His saggy, undead face disgusted her so much, she felt her health drain away. She saw Virgil stagger, and knew he had been hit with the same thing. She shuddered, and hoped they could rest soon.
Nope! It only got worse. The next area had rats, and a smell so bad she didn’t even go in the room where the swarms had come from. She didn’t have to deal with the next fight, thank Desna.

She at least was able to help when they fought that creepy b*tch. Ugh those nails made Kiera shudder. When Virgil yelled that Lei Long had been blocked off by a wall, Kiera ran in. Sure enough there was a wall. It seemed suspicious to her, but she threw a magic missile at it. It went right through. Luckily, it hadn’t hit Lei Long. Her poor ice elemental though, he had tried to hurt the ugly figure, but he failed. He had apologized to her, but she was just glad he had shown up.
The last fight was terrifying. She was so sure she was going to die. She hated that feeling. It was crippling, but luckily she was able to do enough damage to help. It had not been surprising to meet… oh, whatever her name was. “M” was what Kiera chose to remember. Let someone else remember what she was really called. That b*tch had the gall to have a helper. It was some creepy shadow monster. It’s wings… She had tried to squelch her cry of pain when the shadow creature had raked its wing across her back. She was so pleased at herself when she cast a lightning bolt at its face, and even more pleased, when Aldrich had thrown a fireball at it, causing the lady to fall down. She had been as pretty as the other lady was ugly.

Kiera hoped they would get out of this place as soon as possible, for she was close to death, and she knew Virgil wasn’t much better.